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Saltwater Fly Tying Hooks

This is the general category where we list hooks manufactured specifically with saltwater fish species in mind; fish like bonefish, permit, tarpon, sharks, albacore, Chinook salmon, coho salmon, Giant Trevalley, monster squid, and who knows what else. These fly tying hooks geared for saltwater fly fishing are usually treated with a corrosion resistant finish or made of stainless steel or other rust-resistant metal. This is where we list our fly hooks by Tiemco - TMC, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu that are our saltwater faves.

The Caddis Fly offers the highest quality saltwater fly tying hooks manufactured by Tiemco (TMC), Daiichi, Mustad (yes, Mustad) and Gamakatsu. Our saltwater specialty fly tying hooks range from little Size #8 fly hooks like the Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish fly tying hooks, the TMC 800S saltwater hook, the TMC 811S saltwater hook, the Mustad 3407DT, the Daiichi 2546 fly Saltwater hook, and the Daiichi X452 X-Point saltwater fly tying hook. Our saltwater specialty fly tying hooks include two excellent circle hooks, the Daiichi Circle Wide Hook and the Mustad C71S Signature Circle Streamer fly Hook. Circle hooks are very popular for some saltwater flies and we have tyers who also use the Daiichi Circle Hook for tying salmon flies. Our offshore salmon fly tyers and fly fishers have found many of these saltwater specialty fly tying hooks effective, including the Tiemco TMC 9394 nickel plated streamer fly thing hook, listed in our “streamer hook” category.

Whether one selects a Tiemco - TMC, Daiichi, Gamakatsu, or Mustad saltwater fly tying hook, the fly hooks that are selected for the fly pattern sets the stage for success or failure. Flies tied on specialty hooks to imitate crabs, shrimp, baitfish, squid, or other salty prey species are going to be most effective if the hook has the proper length, curve, gape, and weight. We recommend only the TMC, Daiichi, Gamakatsu, or Mustad fly hooks we have found to be of highest quality and that also provide the basic characteristics to shape our ultimate saltwater creation. The saltwater fly tying hooks we carry are the hooks our tyers use for their own trips, whether off the Oregon Coast or to Belize. TMC, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu saltwater fly tying hooks provide top-notch performance regarding sharpness, low profile barbs, corrosion resistant finish, quality control, shape, and fish hooking-holding ability. Our saltwater flies may be un-weighted or may be weighted with bead-chain of various sizes or with barbell pseudo eyes to provide just the right sink rate. Too much or too little weight on our fly tying hooks can mean the difference between success or failure on the flats. Each and every saltwater style fly tying hook by TMC, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu is a winner, or we would not stock these hooks.

We also carry the big stout fly tying hooks for tarpon, snook, albacore, and billfish too. These hooks include sizes up to a # 3/0 Gamakstsu SC17 Tarpon Hook; a # 2/0 Gamakatsu SC15 Saltwater fly hook; a # 3/0 Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H Saltwater hook; and, amazingly, a # 5/0 Daiichi 3847 fly tying Circle Wide Hook!

The TMC 800S and TMC 811S fly hooks rank among our most popular and versatile saltwater fly tying hooks. These TMC Saltwater fly tying hooks are stainless steel, have super sharp points, and we use them on flies from bonefish permit, tarpon, as well as on our salmon and steelhead leeches and tube flies. These TMC fly tying hooks make great lead hooks for our MOAL Leech flies also, because they have a substantial ring eye and we can break off the hook after tying the MOAL. We also use the Gamakatsu SB10S stinger fly tying hooks and the Daiichi X452 fly tying Saltwater X-Point hooks on our tubes. Please call or email if you have questions not answered here – of course you do – we will be happy to help, as our staff have serious saltwater fly fishing passion to offer as a basis for their advice about TMC, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu fly tying hooks. Now that is indeed a mouthful, eh?

Remember, if it is a saltwater fly tying situation, we offer great fly tying hooks by TMC, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu.