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Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H Saltwater Fly Tying Hooks

The Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H hook is another saltwater hook that we find useful for both fresh and saltwater applications; we stock this hook in sizes from #6 through 3/0. The tin-plated hook in the smaller sizes is a great base for both fresh and saltwater baitfish patterns that call for a long shank. Deceivers to Zonkers, this hook will do the job.

The hook wire, although rated as heavy, is still quite fine for the hook size, and this gives the point especially good penetration power, pound for pound of hook-setting pressure one applies. The barbs are low and fine, the straight ring eye allows plenty of working room around the head of the fly, and overall, we just like this hook.

It should not be a surprise, given our passion for Pacific salmon fly fishing, but we use the Gamakatsu SP-113L3H for our long shank Boss and Comet Flies when fishing Chinook in spring and fall.

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