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TMC 811S

Straight Eye, Extra Strong, Standard Length, Forged, Stainless. 25 per pack

The TMC 811S and the TMC 800 are among our most versatile and dependable saltwater hooks. The TMC 811S is extra strong, forged, stainless, standard length wire. These are, penny for penny, great hooks. The large ring eye makes these hooks in sizes #6 to #4 one of our favorite hooks to use for the lead hook on our MOAL leeches, because there is plenty of room to run our braided line back through the eye of the hook to secure it, and because the hook wire will, with the correct application of perpendicular plier pressure (what a concept!) break, thus omitting the need to use wire cutters to remove the point from the lead hook.

Back to saltwater. The TMC 811S is stocked in sizes #4 to #2/0, giving us the option of tying a huge variety of fresh and saltwater flies on this hook. This makes a great hook for Alaska bound salmon fly tyers. Flash Flies. Spankers. This makes a good hook for Chinook tube flies too.

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