New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
If you are looking for a stealth advantage on the flats check out the new Sci Angler Magnitude series of lines. Available in Smooth and Textured Magnitude Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Infinity and Tarpon Tapers all with clear tip or full clear options.

Fishpond Packs and Bags

All current models of Fishpond Fly Fishing Chestpacks, Back Packs & Hip/Lumbar Packs are available and will meet the specifications of fly anglers worldwide –

As is the case with fly fishing gear bags and general purpose travel luggage , the designers at Fishpond have developed a product line of fly fishing vests, Chest Packs, Backpacks, and lumbar/waist packs that is unparalleled in the fly fishing industry. These products are intended to carry more than your Polaroid glasses, hang your Net, and pack a tasty lunch for two. The variety, storage capacity, imaginative designs, eye appeal, and adjustable fit of these products have made Fishpond the number one pick of many Caddis Fly Shop staff, guides, and fly anglers.

Ask any Caddis Fly Pro or Guide to recommend an item of wearable fly fishing gear to carry your Simms rainwear plus a goodly lot of Fly Boxes, and a dizzying supply of Leaders & Tippet spools -- we can assure you that Fishpond has your back in style and functional dependability.

Fishpond Fly Fishing Chestpacks, Back Packs & Hip/Lumbar Packs, Slings and Luggage.

Our staff of experienced professionals and guides are well versed in the technicalities of these products – and more importantly – we wear and fish this gear. Personal experience is the foundation for recommending Fishpond vests, backpacks, and chestpacks to our clients and friends.

Guide Reviews, Sales and Video on Fishpond backpacks, chest packs, vests, and waist/lumbar packs, rolling duffels and more.

Why do we recommend Fishpond? Whether our Guides and clients want the space to comfortably carry a single spare or both hands-full extra fly boxes, Fishpond has us covered in style.

Adaptable Fishpond Designs. These backpacks, chest packs, and waist/lumbar packs include the perfect fit for Papa bear, Mama bear, and baby bear. Goldilocks too. Minimalist to kitchen sink personalities and needs are all accommodated by one of these Fishpond products.

Tough-built. Fishpond vests, backpacks, and the like are trustworthy and guaranteed.

We have the Fishpond gear in stock. And it we have run low on a product you would like to order, we will email or phone you pronto and let you know how soon we can supply it.

Fishpond Backpacks. The best of the best fly fishing specialty backpacks, are fully adjustable and sized for all needs.

Fishing Satchels. Never out of style classic designs for the traditionalist angler or coffee shop denizen.

Fly Fishing vests. A wonderful offering of fly fishing vests. Fishpond continues to provide simple and complex vests with adjustable fit to suit all styles and weather conditions.

Combo Back pack + chest packs. Now here is a no-brainer for the serous hike-in angler. Stuff the backpack with your general travel gear and spare food and water. Then load up the chest pack with your specially chosen fly fishing gear. Many of these combo back/chest packs can be worn in reasonable comfort while hiking along a river and fishing as you go.

100 oz Hydration bladders. An unusual but welcome and well designed option for many of the Fishpond backpacks – these will help keep your thirst at bay and keep you fishing as you hike along a wilderness river.

Historical perspectives on Fly Fishing VestsThe Pro-staff at the Caddis fly includes old guys (experienced sages) and “young guns” who are still wet behind the ears. Point is, our well-seasoned staff remembers the days when the Fly Fishing Vest was “King”. We grew up in a world when we had little gear, we carried all we owned in our pants and shirt pockets. In those days we wore hip boots (if we were lucky to be able to get a pair, and a fishing vest was pretty much the pinnacle of coolness. In those days, our fishing vests were pretty simple, too.

Our pro-staff now includes youngsters who began fly fishing in an era when the Fly Fishing Chest pack and the Fly Fishing Hip pack were already well established. These young men and women bring innovation and new perspectives to our thinking and to our fishing skill sets and make us smarter and stronger because of their youth and clear thinking.

In the world of fly fishing vests, bags, and all sorts of back and waist packs, Fishpond ROCKS! It is that simple. What Simms has done for technical fishing and outdoor clothing, amazing Gore-Tex waders, wading boots, wading accessories, and even fishing vests, Fishpond has done for the specialty niche of fishing bags, chest packs, hip packs, backpacks, luggage, and fly fishing accessories.

Caddis Fly Shop staff fish with and highly recommend Fishpond bags, fly fishing chest packs, hip packs, backpacks, and messenger bags. Fishpond has carved out a well-earned reputation and a solid corner of the fly fishing specialty-product market.