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Fishpond Lodgepole Guide Lte and Fishing Satchel


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This technical, yet minimalistic satchel keeps everything close at hand, and does it in style.

Why choose this product? The Lodgepole Satchel is an amazing item of Fishpond gear that is not simply designed for anglers. Think messenger bag. Think large Purse or Murse. Take a look at this stylish Satchel and imagine just how much fun it could be to carry your laptop, books, Camera, or fishing gear around anywhere, anytime.

Key Elements:

Durable and attractive construction, available in three weights; cotton canvas, guide light, and waxed cotton canvas.

Nicely padded shoulder strap plus removable waist strap.

Main compartment includes slots to organize gear plus an inside zippered pocket.

There is a large zippered pocket on the rear of the Satchel, and it fits snug against your body.

Both magnetic and buckle style closure for front flap.

Small zippered pocket is easily accessed on edge of Satchel.

Fishpond Category: This is an over-the-shoulder Satchel, messenger bag, purse or sling pack, you choose the description.

Size Comparison. The Lodgepole Fishing Satchel is roughly 14inches x 5inches x 11.5inches and specs-out at about 550 cubic inches

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