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Tapered Leaders & Leader Tippet

The Caddis Fly Shop offers an unparalleled selection of the most effective and innovative Tapered Fly Leaders & Leader Tippet Spools by Rio, AirFlo, Scientific Anglers, Sage, and others.

The Caddis Fly Shop inventories and provides insightful reviews on Rio fly lines, AirFlo fly lines, Scientific Anglers fly lines, and Sage fly lines.

Guide Reviews 0f Tapered Fly Leaders & Leader Tippet Spools:

We have seen the availability of fly fishing lines go from very limited to almost more than the consumer can comprehend. As professionals, we strive to keep up on the latest developments and technology to best match the product to the fishing conditions.

How to Choose the Right Tapered Fly Leaders & Leader Tippet

Tapered fly Leaders form the crucial junction between the fly line and the fly. The fly leader, usually tapered from the butt to the tip section, may seem simple but essential, and is sometimes very complex too. Tapered fly fishing leaders help turn our fly over nicely to make our cast better. Fluorocarbon leader materials are less visible to fish and sink faster than conventional monofilament leaders. Rio Knottable Bite wire is a leader tippet material composed of a fine braided wire, coated with a plastic-like material, and is resistant to fish like barracuda with teeth on their teeth. Rio and Airflo tapered Spey Versi leaders and Polyleaders are tapered leaders with either sinking and floating properties.

The Caddis Fly includes a vast range of Tapered Fly Leaders & Leader Tippet Spools. give our selection a look and call us if there is a leader you are interested in that you do not see listed.