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Daiichi Fly Tying Hooks

There are some very fine fly tying hooks currently on the market today. Our fly tying art and function is blessed with the variety of fly tyng hooks. Daiichi is a top-grade fly tying hook, no exceptions, period. We tie our own flies on Daiichi fly tying hooks. This is true for trout flies, salmon flies, steelhead flies, bass flies, saltwater fly patterns, and you name it. We highly recommend Daiichi fly tying hooks and offer them as part of our world-class selection of fly tying supplies and materials.. Nicely tempered steel. Short fine barbs. Sticky sharp points. From river, lake and ocean fly fishing locales, we have the greatest respect for and depend on Daiichi fly tying hooks.

Are Daiichi the only fly tying hooks to consider? Nope. We also fish and tie TMC fly tying hooks, Gamakatsu fly tying hooks.

We back our respect for Daiichi fly tying hooks by loading our display pegs in the caddis fly with a TON of Daiichi fly tying hooks. Here is a list. Please do not feel compelled to read the whole darn list, and instead feel free to browse the pictures - that is honestly what we usually do. Meanwhile, here is the Daiichi fly tying hook list.By the way, the wall of hooks is right next to the wall of saddles, a vast display of our fly tying vises, such a collection of fly tying beads and holographic eyes as to dazzle the most sophisticated tyer.

Daiichi D1270 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1770 fly tying hooks; Daiichi D1730 fly tying hooks; Daiichi D1720 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1710 hooks; Daiichi D1560 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1550 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1530 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1550 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1120 fly tyng hooks; Daiichi 1130 fly hooks; Daiichi 1260 fly hooks; Daiichi 1140 fly tying hooks; Daiichi D 1230 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1280 fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1190 fly hooks; Daiichi 1180 fly hooks; Daiichi 1110 fly hooks; Alec Jackson trout hooks; Daiichi 2150 salmon/steelhead fly hooks; Daiichi 2140 salmon/steelhead fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1640 salmon/steelhead fly tying hooks; Alec Jackson Spey fly Hooks; D 7131 salmon/steelhead fly hooks; Daiichi D571 salmon/steelhead fly tying hooks; Daiichi 2412 salmon/steelhead fly tying hooks; Daiichi 1520 fly hooks; Daiichi 1510 fly hooks; Daiichi X510 salmon/steelhead fly hooks; Daiichi 2441 fly hooks; Daiichi 4660 fly tying hooks.

Whew! That was a mouth/mind full, yes?

But, did we make sufficient mention of our supply of Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey fly hooks? Maybe not. The Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey fly tying hooks are a wonderment to behold, tie a fly on, and fish. The Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey fly hooks are inventoried in sizes 1.5, 3, 5, and 7. The Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey fly thing hooks are inventoried in bronze, black, gold, nickel, and blue finishes, an offering to dazzle the palate, yes? And don't forget the Daiichi Alec Jackson trout fly tying hooks too. Yummy.

We kindly invite you to get your Daiichi fly tying hooks and Daiichi Alec Jackson fly tying hooks here at the Caddis fly Angling Shop, and get free shipping over $50.