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Gamakatsu Fly Tying Hooks

The Caddis Fly Shop now offers a staggering range of Gamakatsu hooks for fly tying, assuring prompt delivery of specialty hooks with FREE shipping on most domestic orders over $75.

Why order your Gamakatsu fly tying hooks from the Caddis Fly Shop?

We have a great selection of Gamakatsu fly tying hooks on hand. We are set up to ship your order promptly. We offer FREE domestic shipping on orders over a modest minimum value. We tie on Gamakatsu hooks and we trust these hooks. We can recommend the best hook for your fly tying needs, and will offer alternatives among Gamakatsu, TMC, Daichii, Umpqua, and Mustad. We are impartial (sort of) and will do our best to help you get the right hook at the right price.

We invite you to browse our selection of superior Gamakatsu fly tying hooks. Gamakatsu hooks, including their specialized fly tying hooks, are unquestionably sharp, made the very best steels for the demands of each hook and are both sharp, durable, and have low barbs that make hooking or barb removal simple

Saltwater fly tying hooks

SC17 Tarpon hook SL12S Big Game Blue Water Hook SL12S 1X short Big Game Wide Gap hook SC15 Wide Gap Hook SC152H 2X strong wide gap SP113L3H Perfect bend SW hook

Freshwater fly tying hooks

S10S standard dry fly hook S10 Straight eye dry fly hook R10B Retainer bend barbless hook C12 Scud hook C15BV Vertical Eye Emerger hook C13U Keel Balance Hook C12BM Large Eye Barbless Midge hook GC12U Caddis Pupae hook R18B 2X strong barbless Nano smooth hook

Specialty Hooks

C14S Glo Bug hook SL45 Bonefish hook B10S Stinger hook C16B Barbless Crippled Emerger hook Heavy Cover Worm hook G Lock Worm Hook

Octopus Hooks

Approximately 12 different variations on the octopus hook

Jig style hooks

Jig Hook 60 round bend J20 Jig Nymph Hook J20B Barbless Jig nymph hook Jig 90 Heavy wire round bend jig hook

Traditional Steelhead Fly hooks

T10-3H Salmon & Steelhead dry 1X fine traditional series hooks T10-6H Salmon & Steelhead traditional series hooks