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Turner's Freestone Rock Worm(3 Pack)


The Freestone Rockworm is a beautiful all-purpose realistic free living (caseless) caddis larvae/worm pattern.

With delicate legs, ribbed body, carapace, and beadhead to get it down towards the bottom, this fly is irresistible to fish. This is a very close imitation to the real bugs and has accounted for many trout over the years. The naturals' colors range from bright chartreuse to a glacier blue-green to cinnamon tan so the available colors are perfect to match the naturals.

The pattern most closely imitates the free-living larvae of Hydropsychidae (Cinnamon Caddis and Little Olive Caddis) or Rhyacophilidae (Green Rock Worm). The Pink/Orange pattern is the ‘attractor color’ version of the same pattern. Available in sizes #10-12.

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