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Smhaen Thread Splitter


The Smhaen Thread Splitter allows you to split a single ply thread in order to insert materials like CDC, deer hair, dubbing and more. Once fibers are inserted all you need to do is spin your bobbin and you have a super easy and durable "warapable" material.

For best use of the Smhaen Thread Splitter flatten the thread on the shaft of the needle. Slide the thread to the knob at the end of the needle and allow the small edge to grip the individual fibers. Pull back slightly to allow the fibers to separate, then push the round knob through to split the thread into two strands.

Best threads for splitting include Veevus, UTC, and Danville. Uni-threads will not work. The Shmaen Thread Splitter has a flat side so it will not roll off your tying table.

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