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OPST Pure Skagit and Micro Skagit Rods


Developed over five years OPST Pure Skagit and Micro Skagit Two-Handed Rods represent Ed Ward's decades of dedication purely to sustained-anchor two-handed casting.

Micro Skagit Two-Handed Rods category consists of three rods designed to accommodate both single-handed Spey/Skagit-type casts and two-handed Spey/Skagit casts. The Micro Skagit rod series has a 9' 9" 3wt and 10' 4wt with cigar style upper grips and a 10'4" 5wt with a grip/handle configuration like the Pure Skagit Series. The Micro Skagit Series is truly is joy to fish with and loads all the way into the handle when casting or playing a fish. We love the fact that a 3wt is a true 3wt for these rods. Check out the video in our listing and Ed Ward notes that these "true to line size" rods will really cast the line size stated on the rod. True trout two handed enjoyment with a light rod capable of make single handed or two handed skagit style casts. Think swinging soft hackles for trout with light tippets all the way to fishing small weighted trout streamers.

Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods are more focused on two handed spey/skagit style casting. Four unique medium fast action skagit models include 10'8" 6wt, 11' 7wt, 11'6" 8wt and a 12'3"9wt. The Pure Skagit series has you covered with models design to fish everything from large trout to Alaska king salmon.

OPST two handed rods are broken into two categories. Micro Skagit Two Handers rated to cast 275 grains or lower and Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods which ar more focused towards Spey/Skagit two-handed casting.

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