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Nautilus GTX Reels

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The Nautilus GTX was built to accomplish one task: to put the brakes on the fastest, strongest, and most ferocious fish on the planet.

With a maximum drag of 30lbs, this reel will go head-to-head with your terminal tackle.

Think of this reel as an arrester bed for runaway trucks on the highway. The truck is the fish you’ve hooked, and the GTX is your escape ramp. That is the mindset Nautilus had when crafting this beast of a reel. So, how did they create such immense stopping power and strength in an 8.7 ounce reel?

First things first.

Lets back up a little bit. The GTX is a 5 inch diameter fly fishing reel with a 1.1 inch wide spool that can hold up to 500 yards of 60 lb braid. That's a lot in a narrow frame. You will also be stunned with how light the spool is, especially in a reel that is designed to turn a fish that is as big as you are. As you’ve come to expect from a Nautilus, the reel is intricately machined with their Giga Spool Design to ensure strength, optimal line pickup, and corrosion resistance.

Now that we’ve been introduced, what’s the deal with this stopping power?

For long-time Nautilus fans, think of this reel has a hybrid between an NV-G and a CCFX2, but on steroids. For those who aren’t as familiar with previous Nautilus reels, Nautilus added a new pressure spring that sits between two aluminum discs that rotate together, which allows for even pressure to be applied to the drag surfaces at all times.

Drag System.

This new dual drag system has an oversized carbon fiber disc on one side and a cork/Kevlar/carbon hybrid disc on the other. This creates quite the cocktail of stopping power materials. The cork acts as cork does in other drag systems: largely as a compression material to ensure a smooth transition from fish off to fish on! Carbon fiber gives you that Nautilus smoothness, and the new Kevlar mid layer adds a lot of rigidity to the drag surface, which not only spreads the friction out evenly but also dampens vibrations and reduces heat. So, this system is more effective and also keeps itself in check. In other words it will last longer than previous big-game drag systems.

The result?

If you are chasing the strongest, fastest fish in the salt, look no further than this reel. With quality comes price but I guarantee that when you are hooked up to a behemoth you want to count on every aspect of the reel you’re using, and you can relax knowing you’re in the hands of the Nautilus GTX Reel.

Nautilus Reels are proudly made in Miami, Florida.

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