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Long Flash Fiber Tying Materials

Long Flash Fiber Products: Synthetic Fly Tying Supplies & Materials

This is the section where we collected as many of the long flashy fly tying products we could find, in one place for you to drool over. Sure hope we got all the materials we inventory listed here, because it was a bunch of stuff to round up. These materials are commonly used in wings, sometimes wound as bodies on flies, and can be used as beards as well.

Various flash products are used tying steelhead, salmon, trout, bass, bonefish, tarpon, tuna, and shark flies, at the very least. Use a few flashy fibers or use a big hank of flash, depending on the fly you are tying.

Krystal Flash and Flashabou are practically universally adored by baitfish and streamer fly tyers, but there is a bunch of new stuff here too, so have fun and give some of these standard and whacky products a try on your next batch of flies.

Long Flash Fiber Products: Synthetic Fly Tying Supplies & Materials