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Furimsky's One Eye Wiggler(3 Pack)


Furimsky's One Eye Wiggler is an amazing, beefed-up, variation of the common aquatic worm patterns that are out there.

Not only is it on a jig hook to make it more weedless, but the weight of the jig helps to get the fly down and swimming fast! It is tied with a wide real leather strip so that when it gets soaked it will flop around as it is dead drifted in the water giving the fly a fatter profile and thus a bigger meal ticket. This is one of our favorite point flies or flies you can put at the end of your leader with another nymph dropper above it. It also can be stripped behind a streamer as a trailer fly.

Furimskys One Eye Wiggler is an ultimate attractor pattern, but does imitate various aquatic and nonaquatic worms that then up in the river, especially in high water or right after it rains. This worm will become one of your staple flies. Available in 4 colors.

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