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Cautery Tool for Fly Tying

Cautery Tool for Fly Tying.

We view this tool as a must-have for use with all Superbraids, as we do when tying various Intruder-style and MOAL Leech patterns. Basically, this is a veterinary surgery tool that has special application to fly tying. The tool makes easy work out of cutting Superbraid lines. Anyone who has worked with these lines knows that they are very difficult to cut with our normal fly tying scissors. Even the ńSuperbraidî scissors have a tough time getting through the stuff, and usually require keeping firm tension on the Superbraid when applying ńscissî to sever the material. The Cautery tool is also useful when used with precision to gently burn off loose hair and make depressions for seating eyes on deer hair or wool-head flies. Note: it is important to let the tip heat up(this takes only a few seconds) and apply only very gentle pressure with the tip to do the cutting or trimming. This tool will cut on its own _ excessive pressure or impatience will probably cause the tip to break. Use with caution and place securely on your fly bench between use. The cap over the tool will protect the tip and prevent accidental activation when stored in your desk.

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