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The Jawn Set

The Jawn Set is the first fly tying tool specifically designed for hollow and reverse fly tying techniques.

Three different tube sizes are included in each set, and each tube has a different diameter at each end of the tube: the result is six different sizes to accomodate a very wide range of hook sizes and diameters of tying materials. Each tool is slotted to allow you to use it on bent shanks and jig hooks. A small flare at the end of the tool is great for smaller clumps of material and packing materials. A big flare make is easy to ease larger clumps of material back without damaging fibers. The Jawn has a flat side to keep it from rolling off your table. There are teeth lining each flared side to give you more control of "evening" your flared material you are "hollowing" with.

1. Tie in material facing forward on hook shank. Slide The Jawn backwards over the hook shank.

2. Push material backwards with The Jawn. Once material is pushed back, rotate The Jawn back and forth to position material as desired.

3. Holding material in place with one hand, remove The Jawn. Bring tying thread in front of the material and tie a "thread dam" to securely hold it in place.

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