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UV2 Dragon Tails


Mangum's UV2 Dragon Tails are 7-8.5" long with a .75" diameter at their midsection. They provide your patterns with unbelievable action and movement!

New Mangum's Mini Dragon Tails are 5-6" long with .50" diameter at their midsection. Also have phenomenal action for smaller patterns.

Use this material to tie big patterns for predator fish in freshwater or saltwater environments. The full 7" length is great for hooks 3/0-5/0, whereas with smaller hooks, we recommend you cut the tail back a bit. You don't want to trim too much though, because you won't get as much action out of the material. Just think of the possibilities for pike, bass, muskie, saltwater fish, and more!

Use mini's for trout and bass patterns and hang on!

5 per pack.

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