New Salmon Fly and Golden Stone Patterns in Stock and Shipping Now. We have you covered for the Salmon Fly Hatch.(details)
Burkus Bearback Rider Stone, Morrish Still Stone, Morrish Fluttering Stone, Clarks Lady Stone, Fools Gold, Water Walker, Norm Woods and more. We have a ton of adult stonefly patterns for 2023.

Whitlocks Three Phase Caddis Pupa Assortment


Whitlock's Three Phase Caddis Pupa Assortment helps you fish the caddis hatch top to bottom.

In a typical caddis emergence, insects emerge from the bottom of the stream swimming upwards towards the surface. When trout see this emergence, they have an instinctual and aggressive feeding response. The Whitlock Caddis Pupa assortment gives you not only 6 patterns that match this emergence, inch by inch, in the water column, but the opportunity to fish up to 3 different stages of emergence at one time. Enclosed are instruction and diagrams to rig up your leader to position and animate various aquatic caddis imitations in the water column so that one, two, or three flies (where legal) can be animated to imitate actively emerging immature caddis or mayflies.

You get two each of Dave’s signature caddis Pupas: “Heavy”, “Light” and “Emerging Pupa”. All three have different weights and can be fishing in different depths.

The sight of two or three emergers is seldom ignored. You can create your own feeding frenzy, by simply fishing multiple stages at once. When using this multiple-fly system you will find the strikes are frequent and violent.

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