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Scott G Series Rods


Scott G Series Rods changed fly fishing upon their introduction in 1976. In that same spirit of innovation, the new Scott G rod has taken the modern, medium-action fly rod to new heights.

Scott has created a new line of fly rods that load deeply into their lower sections yet recover incredibly quickly whilst also maintaining directional stability with all forms of casting. New for the 2017/18 season The Scott G Series redefines a classic.

LetÕs Talk Tech.

The new Scott G Series Fly Rod is the result of two innovations. The first is a re-design of the internal ferrule to make it more flexible, stronger, and 20% lighter. The second is that they engineered the best multi-modulus lay ups they've ever created using new and advanced resin and fiber composites.

With the new multi-modulus lay ups, Scott is able to precisely control the stiffness of the blank to build rods that load and unload more smoothly. This is a result of ScottÕs X-Core and ReAct technologies. X-core involves the combination of fast taper mandrels with low-mass thin walled blanks to create a rod that is the best of both worlds: lots of feel and sensitivity with a lot of stability and strength at the same time. ReAct technology reduces the amount of material vibrations within the rod that kill distance, control, and accuracy when casting. Simply stiffening the rod would achieve this, but it would also greatly reduce sensitivity, so Scott engineered a blank with a faster recovery time, which means they didn't need to add more material thus stiffening a rod that prides itself in feel and control.

Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC).

Instead of adding a layer of carbon down the entirety of the blank, ScottÕs latest ARC technology adds hoops of Carbon up the interior of the blank. This increases strength without sacrificing weight because instead of a continuous layer of carbon, it is broken up into individual hoops. This is also how they are able to build a blank with such a thin wall-because it is reinforced with carbon hoops.

The Result?

A fantastic fly rod with great stability and tracking, as well as fast line speeds. The stability of this rod increases your accuracy and turnover, which you will notice especially in windy conditions. When casting, you will notice the smooth full-flexing action as well. Scott has truly combined characteristics of multiple rod styles into one fishing tool and theyÕve executed it perfectly.


Titanium stripping guides, universal snake guides, and new micarta reel seat spacers. However, with all this innovation, Scott has stayed true to the roots of the original Õ76 G Rod with classic Scott Thread Wraps and epoxy finished cork at the top of the grips.

Overall, what am I getting from the Scott G Series?

You are getting one of the finest trout rods on the market today, and a rod that is capable of doing just about anything. Flies and tippets of all sizes can be used with this rod. Casting small dries to spooky trout is made easy with the accuracy and sensitivity of the blank. The response time and line speed make turning over nymph rigs or dry-dropper combos easy.


Scott fly rods are designed for high performance and are built to last a lifetime. However sometimes things donÕt go as planned and if you ever do break a rod, donÕt worry, Scott G Series rods come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Scott has a dedicated repair department made up of their best rod craftsmen who take great pride in restoring and rebuilding your fly rod to their original condition.

All Scott fly rods are handmade in the USA and are given a natural finish to decrease overall weight and show the true, natural beauty of the graphite blank.

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