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Rising Net Holster


The Rising Universal Net Holster is designed to carry nets in three different directions to fit anglers needs.

The Universal Net Holster features made in the USA construction, 4" webbing reinforced with plastic to permanently hold open the net slot, 1.5" Webbing belt with strong buckle, and 2 daisy chain loops on the outside of the holster to accommodate different carrying with the supplied belt.

Rising uses the following example to explain how their nets work with the Univeral Net Holster: " The Brookie Net with 10_ Handle is best carried vertically, whereas the Brookie XL with 24_ Handle or the Lunker with 24_ Handle are best carried at an angle…Our new Universal Net Holster accommodates all of these different positions. Truly, “The Answer” with no disrespect intended to Mr. Allen Iverson whom we all enjoyed watching…" Belt through both Top Loops = Vertical carry for Brookie Net Belt through the Top Left and Bottom Right = Left Hand carry of Lunker or Brookie XL for Right Handed Casters Belt through the Bottom Left and Top Right = Right Handed carry of Lunker or Brookie XL for Left Handed Casters

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