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Redington Tilt Euro Nymphing Reel


The Redington Tilt Euro nymph Reel incorporated three one-ounce removable weights that will allow anglers to dial in any rod and find that perfect balance when euro nymphing.

The Tilt Reel is a full frame, fully machined narrow large arbor reel. The full frame prevents narrow competition lines from slipping through the frame and spool and the large arbor is sweet for quick retreival and smooth start up.

Redington TILT Reels also feature a carbon fiber drag systems and great looks. Available colors are stealthy black, garnet/gunmetal, and black silver. Each reel includes includes a 2mm allen key to add/remove the weights. Tilt Reels handle 2-5wt lines, it's 5.7oz + 3oz that are removable, diameter is 4oz.

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