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Burkus Bearback Rider Stone, Morrish Still Stone, Morrish Fluttering Stone, Clarks Lady Stone, Fools Gold, Water Walker, Norm Woods and more. We have a ton of adult stonefly patterns for 2023.

Raptor Hackle


Raptor Hackle or Short Rhea Quills are fantastic for intruder style patterns, saltwater flies and a multitude of other flies.

Raptor Hackle is available in 12 UV Fluorescing colors and 4 feathers come per pack.

Imagine shorter Rhea and you have Raptor Hackle.

You can use a "stripped hackle" method for intruders, a dubbing loop or simply use the feathers for tentacle and tails. Raptor hackle offers great mobility in the water with just the right stiffness for a life like presentation.

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