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Loon UV Kit


The Loon UV Kit is the a must have Kit for the tackle bag on day trips and lengthy sojourns to anywhere. Loon Products ship for free on orders over $50 with the USA.

Included in the kit is a tube of UV Knot Sense a Tube of UV Wader repair and a Loon UV Mini Lamp to cure either product anywhere.

If you are not familiar with the incredibly capabilities of the Loon UV knot sense or UV Wader Repair get some right away because this stuff is amazing. Imagine getting a hole in your waders day on a long fishing trip in icy cold water. Out comes the UV Wader Repair, glob some on and shine the UV Mini Lamp on it and you are cured. Waders are fixed and you are dry. Seriously itís that easy.

We love the Knot Sense for smoothing out knots, repairing larger flies and fixing nicks and gaps in fly lines in a pinch.

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