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Rainy's Hi Vis Ant(3 Pack)


Rainy's Hi-Vis Ant is available in both black and cinnamon foam bodies with a variety of hi-vis hot spots, this is a workhorse dry fly.

Good imitation of common ants, but also can simulate other terrestrials like beetles, flies, jassids, etc. Also is a great general attractor and searching pattern. Fish it for Trout, Bass, Panfish, and the like. This fly is tied with a light wire hook, Rainy's signature foam Ant Body, and two bands of hackle. This fly is as buoyant as they come and will stay up all day long.

Rainy's Hi-Vis Ant is known to catch over 100 fish in one afternoon on one fly. The Hi-Vis tip helps to see this fly out on the water waiting for the strike.

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