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Pro Sportfisher Conedisc


The Pro Sportfisher Conedisc is a key component of our Tube Flies, and the Caddis Fly Shop offers a full selection of these metal cones, with prompt shipping, no sales tax, and low cost or free shipping.

Package Contents: 9 pcs.

Size/weight specifications:

Large: 10mm diameter; 0.46 gram

These Pro Tube Tubefly System Cone heads are brass, fine-paint finished or enameled metal flared-cone disks. In the Tubefly Systems product line they are labeled as Conediscs and we won't argue with their word choice.

Like the Pro Tube Cones in the line, these Pro cone disks are relatively light heads that make a most excellent finishing touch to every fly tube fly head. However, the Conedisc adds a little extra flourish to the way your fly will swim because of the distinct flare at the base of the cone. This creates more push from the river flow and quite possibly entices your materials, wing, ostrich fibers, Krystal flash, and such forth, to stand out a little more than would be the case with a traditional rounded cone.

One way or another, we like the look of these cone disks on our finished tube flies.

Remember, always, every Pro Tube Tubefly System cone, conedisc, flexi weight, drop weight, and you name it, fits on all of the tubes, and this is true for these cone disks fitting on both the Pro Tube Flexitube and Pro Tube Micro Tubes.

Pro Tube Conedisc: Tubefly System Cone Disk

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