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Pro Sportfisher Flexitube

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The Pro Sportfisher Flexitube is a key component of our Tube Flies, and the Caddis Fly Shop offers a full selection of these highly adaptable plastic tubes, each serving as base for the fly as well as hook guide; with prompt shipping, and low cost or free shipping.

Package contents: 14 pcs. Size/weight specifications: 40mm thin-tube + 40mm hook-holder tube; 0.26 grams as well as 25mm thin tube and 55mm Hook holder tube .28grams.

Please note that you will need a Pro Tube Flexineedle to secure these Flexi Tubes , and all the Pro Tube tubes. We have found only limited success securing them on one of the smallest Eumer mandrels; these tubes are tuff, durable, but the Inside Diameter is such that it works best on the Pro Tube Flexineedle.

We have recently added some new colors including UV Florescent colors ideal for grabbing steelhead and salmon at distance and depth.

The Flexi Tube by the Pro Tube Fly System folks is a completely integrated tube that provides a surface for tying your fly and a hook holder junction at the rear of the tube.

These Flexitubes or Flexi Tubes are what we refer to as the 40-40 model. These are 40mm of larger diameter tube at the rear of the fly and 40mm of smaller diameter tube at the front end of the tube. One can Tie on both the larger and smaller diameter tube sections, the front fine diameter tube receives each and every of the Pro Tube weights and cones and disks, so complete and blissful marriage is assured by sticking with the Pro Tube Tubefly System components.

When finished or before even starting to tie the tube fly, one may trim off the rear portion (larger diameter) tube to customize the positioning of the hook at the rear of the fly.

We find that these Flexitubes are best suited to fishing with a ring eye hook seated directly in the rear tube. When using hooks rigged in a loop, stinger style, we prefer to use the Pro Tube Tubefly System Micro Tube with the silicone hookguide as the knot slips into the silicone hook guide and holds there firmly while our stinger hook trails behind the tube at just the preferred distance, usually eve with the very rear of the fly.

Pro Tube Flexitube: Tubefly System Flexi Tube

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