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Fish Cat Scout


Fish Cat Scout frameless fishing craft is incredibly portable, maneuverable and easy to set up. The Scout is ideal for rivers and still water use.

We offer this innovative boat to you with free shipping and no sales tax to most destinations.

The Fish Cat Scoutís frameless design makes it very portable. It fits perfectly in the back of a pick up and in the back of a hatch back sedan. The hybrid u-boat/raft design is easy to row on moderate rivers and any lake or impoundment.

At only 35lbs the Fish Cat Scout can easily be carried from the car to the water, launched and fished from with zero hassle.

The Scout is very stable when rowed, as you will see in the video the boat gives the angler stability and mobility when casting and fishing. Itís no flex hull allows the person on the oars to position the boat in fast water and row fast when itís needed. Itís 500 denier PVC cover is very durable. Vinyl bladders have a five year warranty from Outcast.

Gear pocket doubles as a rod holder, the Fish Cat Scout has a comfortable foam backed seat.

Other specifics of the Scout include: 55 inch width, 7 foot length, a tube diameter of 16.25 inches, welded seams, Summit 2 valves. A load capacity of 400 pounds, two piece 5ft Oars.

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