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Outcast OSG Stealth Pro


OutcastÕs Newest Frameless Watercraft the OSG Stealth Pro offers anglers portability and performance in a super light weight row-able craft.

We offer this innovative boat to you with free shipping and no sales tax to most destinations.

At only 35lbs the OSG Stealth Pro frameless is ideal for travel to your local waterway and beyond. Think of the possibilities. At only 35lbs this boat is checked luggage, staying at a beach and see a distant flat you want to access, no problem simply inflate and row over, secure the boat and fish the incoming tide. How about fishing the upper reaches of your favorite steelhead fishery where no boat landings are present. Toss the Stealth Pro over the side of the road and fish any water you can imagine.

We were blown away by how easy this boat rowed in a river. Even with one adult and one 60lbs child the boat maneuvers with ease and can even travel upstream in moderate flow.

The OSG Stealth is constructed with urethane bladders, high quality valves and an extra tuff PVC outer. The frameless boat can easily be rowed or directed with fins. You can move the boat to shallow water and stand and fish with ease. Whether you fish big water or smaller streams this low profile craft will improve access and catch rates.

OutcastÕs IGSystem utilizes PVC sleeves with a moveable base that accepts cargo pockets, rod holders and anchor systems . The adjustable system has a total of seven positions on the boat giving you numerous mounting options.

Boat Specs

Inflated Size: 8' x 57" Tube Diameter: 16.25" Fabric: 500pvc Material Weight: 30 oz. AireCell Material: Urethane Seam Construction: Welded Warranty: 5 Valve Type: Summit II Weight: 35lbs. Load Capacity: 450 Frame: NONE Anchor System: IGSystem Motor Mount: None Oar Type: 5' 2-piece

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