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Nautilus X Series Fly Fishing Spools


Get an extra spool for your Nautilus X-Series Reel and be prepared for any fishing situation in the freshwater or saltwater.

The updated design of this reel increases spool strength by 35%. The back spool rim has a 1/8” secondary palming rim for increased fish control. This palming rim also gives the reel the strength and durability to withstand the wear and tear that comes with freshwater and saltwater angling. This spool is Nautilus’ award winning Giga arbor frame design—It’s lighter than any spool they’ve ever made.

This reel was the winner of the 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealer show Best of Show for both freshwater and saltwater reels. Not much more to be said, is there? We’ll tell you more anyway:



3.25” spool and capacity of 85-100 yards 20 lb. backing.


3.5” spool with 105-130 yards 20 lb. backing.

6/7 and 8/9

4” spools and have the capacity for 150-175 yards 20-30 lb. backing.

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