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Fish Hunter Marabou Blood Quills


Fish Hunter Enterprises Marabou Blood Quills are included in our inventory at the Caddis Fly Shop and will ship promptly with NO Sales TAX, and Free shipping on most Domestic USA orders.

Marabou is marabou, right? No way. The fact of life in the fly tying industry is that each distributor is in a constant battle to find the best quality material at the lowest price.

Our most discriminating fly tyers have told us that Fish Hunter Marabou is a superior product. We tested their claim and agree.

Consequently, we are now offering a variety of Fish Hunter fly tying products in our Eugene Oregon Shop and though our Internet Catalog.

Why purchase your Fish Hunter materials from the Caddis Fly Shop? The quality of Fish Hunter feathers is uniquely outstanding and we ship with NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING on most domestic USA orders.

How is Fish Hunter Marabou different?

The length is about 3 4 inches. This is pretty normal for Blood Quills.

Superior quality: Depending on the individual package we inspected, other manufacturers are struggling to provide high quality Blood Quill Marabou. The Fish Hunter Marabou we inspected randomly has been amazing. More than 90% of the individual feathers have been what we consider very good to excellent quality. We have not seen this consistency with most other suppliers.

Color selection? Excellent. If you do not see the color you want listed, contact us and we will let you know how soon we will be able to provide it and you may decide if that will meet your tying needs

The Quantity per package? Approximately ounce per bag.

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