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Lagartun Mini Flatbraid


Lagartun Mini Flat Braid is in the Caddis Fly Shop and normally ships promptly. Free shipping on most Domestic USA orders.

Lagartun Flat Mini Braid is a versatile material that will allow you to craft superior salmon, steelhead, and trout flies. Flat Mini Braid is narrower than the Carded Flat Braid at about 1/16 inches and also offers many brilliant and subtle color options. Flat Mini Braid may be wound on as body or rib with very little added bulk, and is simply a must have material for the serious artisans in our clan.

Discriminating fly tyers have anticipated the return of the full range of most excellent Lagartun products to the US and we are happy to announce that we are now offering a variety of these products in our Eugene Oregon Shop and though our Internet Catalog. .

Why purchase your Lagartun Products from the Caddis Fly Shop? Start with unsurpassed Lagartun quality, the range of fly fishing and fly tying products we offer, and then factor in our complete one source shopping experience with first class customer service. As if that were not enough, add in our NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING on most domestic USA shipping.

How is Lagartun Flat Mini Braid different?

Spooled perfectly for ease of access, use, and storage.

Very thin. At about 0.100mm or 0.004 inch. This is slim stuff and will not bulk up your flies.

At 1/16 inch wide you can use this mini Braid by itself to tie bodies or rib salmon, steelhead and trout flies in a wide range of color palates.

The material? Lagartun Mini Flat Braid is Metaloplastic, which is not quite metal but it is very durable plastic material that is at times reflective, a little translucent in some colors, and lays virtually as flat as can be imagined. Practically speaking, Flat Mini Braid is useful on flies from steelhead to trout. This has been my material of first choice when tying Muddlers and Chinook Comets.

The Quantity per spool? 5 yards.

How many colors do we stock? We are starting with fewer colors of this Lagartun spooled Mini Flat Braid but can special order other colors if you request.

If you want a color you do not see listed in the drop down menu, let us know by phone or email and we will tell how soon we might be able to provide your color of choice.

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