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Korkers BuckSkin Boot


KorkerÕs new BuckSkin wading boots is totally new and adds a new option with high performance and comfort at an affordable price point

The BuckSkin wading boot offers many features making it an outstanding value.

The BuckSkin wading boot has rubber protection on the inside and outside which provides extra protection and abrasion resistance. Korkers designers added rock guard material both on the front of the foot and on the heel for additional protection as you manoeuvre the elements.

The BuckSkin wading boot offers a traditional lace up system which goes all the way to the very top of the boot in order to remain nice and tight around your foot and superior ankle support. Comfort is not sacrificed for the sake of safety.

The BuckSkin wading boot offers an integrating draining system built into the midsole with both large ports and internal channels minimizing the amount of water that remains trapped in the boot. This drainage feature is new and unique to Korkers BuckSkin wading boot so be the first to try it out and make sure to tell your friends and family about the difference it makes.

The BuckSkin wading boot comes with Felt and Kling On rubber soles which offers superior grip so that you wonÕt slip. Studded Kling On soles as well as all omnitrax 3.o soles can be added to the boot as well. This provides added versatility and enables you to fish in almost any given terrain and across multiple seasons. The only thing stopping you now is yourself!

This high performance yet comfortably priced boot comes in sizes 7-15 and weighs a mere 2lbs 15oz.

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