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Brookie Spare Spool


The Galvan Brookie Spare Spool allows you to employ multiple tactics on the same rod and reel in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Lets talk in examples: The 9 5 weight rod is (in general) your rod of choice for trout fishing on most western streams and lakes. However, the tactics you use on these two waterways is not always the same. On the river, you are primarily using a floating line, while on the lakes you often rely on sinking lines to effectively get to the depth that the fish feed at. Purchasing an extra Galvan Brookie Spool for your Galvan Brookie Reel in this scenario would allow you to use the same fly rod and reel in both of these situations, and simply switch spools and lines for use at one or the other. Not only is it effective, it saves you money as well.

The Brookie Spool has a distinct porting with a weatherproof finish. It is fully machined out, making it one of the lightest American-made spools available. It is constructed with 6061 bar stock aluminum, which is both bulletproof and light. Switching spools back and forth is quick and easy with the Brookie Reel.

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