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Powerflex Plus Tippet

Rio Powerflex Plus leader material is now an honest 20% stronger per leader diameter! We are excited with this feature and expect that many fly anglers will now reach for this as their new favorite leader tippet material.

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Take an already great trout leader and make it 20% stronger? Oh yes indeed! Thank you Rio, this is a fantastic leader.

How is Powerflex Plus tippet different from Powerflex material? Rio did us good with this new formula for their Powerflex leader material. Classed as the strongest material for diameter, this is roughly 20% stronger per diameter than the already excellent Powerflex material; this is truly an impressive advance!

How about an example? the standard Powerflex material in 5X diameter tests at 5.0 lb, but the Powerflex PLUS 5X diameter tests at 6.0 Lb! Amazing improvement.

Unique features: This is the fly fishing generalist's STRONGEST per diameter tapered leader.

Material: Powerflex Plus Copolymer monofilament is a technically superior material.

Tippet characteristics: The new formula of the Powerflex PLUS does not sacrifice suppleness of knot strength while increasing strength.

Knot Strength: Excellent, this is tough material.

Tippet Diameters: Available in in 7x to 0X.

3 Packs: As you can see from the 'options' drop down menu, Rio Powerflex Plus tippet comes in 3 packs too. Each 3 pack includes 3 different spools: 4X-6X, 3X-5X, 0X-2X.

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