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For nearly 50 years we have been supplying fly tiers with high quality supplies to create fish catching flies. It all starts with fly tying thread. Make sure you have a good stock of the right thread for the job in 2024!

NRX+ Saltwater Rods


NRX+ Saltwater rods by G Loomis give the angler a fishing tool to tackle the often extreme conditions saltwater environments require.

Wind is as common as the sun (you hope) when fly fishing in the salt. Anglers need a rod that has the power to deal with wind, lead eyed flies and over weighted fly lines. At the same time stalking the flats for spooky bones requires a rod that can make a presentation with feel, line speed and loop stability.

NRX+ Saltwater Rods feature G Loomis Dynamic Recovery Technology. DRT blends all new Mega Modulus+ graphite matrix and GL8 resin system and advanced compound taper construction creating crisp actions with smooth rapid recovery.

NRX + Saltwater rods are built with G Loomis's new Mega Modulus+. A graphite matrix that is 15% lighter than the original NRX, improving balance and feel as well as limiting casting fatigue.

NRX+ Saltwater rods are available in line weights 7-12wt in 4 piece configuration. The rods components are designed to weather the salt. Recoil snake guides, titanium SiC stripper guides, full wells AAA grade cork grips, custom aluminum reel seats with fighting butts, and an aluminum rod tube with bag all come standard. If you are looking for an all around maximum performance saltwater and big fish rod check out the NRX+ Saltwater models, all made in Woodland Washington USA.

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