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Bauer RX Fly Fishing Reel


Bauer RX Fly Reel is the Rogue reborn!

BauerÕs knack for always improving their products shows with their upgraded Rogue fly reel. The Bauer RX Fly Reel is lighter, smoother, and faster than its predecessor and a perfect companion for any fishing expedition.

The RX Fly Reels are not just good fishing tools they also look great thanks to a sleek design and signature glossy finish. John Bauer has taken time and resources to develop the best reel for any situation and species. The RX 5, 6, and 7 have double the drag and quicker line retrieval than the Rogue and feature lighter weight construction.

The RX Fly Reels are fully machined from highest quality bar stock aluminum at BauerÕs workshop in Oregon. Aluminum construction also means these reels are safe in salt and freshwater. Spools feature a quick release function. Drag features a pleasing outgoing click, silent retrieve and a zero "start-up" hesitation mechanism that has no chance of spool over-run. John Bauer has hit the mark combining lightness and durability. All reels also have a lifetime warranty.

Additional features: - Sealed carbon fiber drag for lightweight strength. - V-Arbor design for exceptional line capacity. - Available in seven sizes handle line weights 2-13. - COLOR OPTIONS: RX Reels are available with a Black handcrafted, polished frame, Gold hub and the following spool color choices: Black, Dark Green or Charcoal/Graphite.

Do Bauer Rogue spools fit into Bauer RX reels? RX size 1-4 will interchange with old Rogue Models sizes 5-7 are not.


Model Line Capacity Weight Diameter

RX1 3/4/5 WF5+(50yds20#) 3.7 oz. 3.00"

RX2 4/5/6 WF5+(100yds20#) 4.0 oz. 3.25"

RX3 5/6/7 WF6+(125yds20#) 4.5 oz. 3.5"

RX4 6/7/8 WF7+(175yds20#) 5.6 oz. 3.75"

RX5 7/8/9 WF8+(220yds20#) 7.8 oz. 4.0"

RX6 9/11/12 WF10+(350yds30#) 8.6 oz. 4.25"

RX7 11/12/13 WF12+(450yds30#) 9.3 oz. 4.5"

We have just used the Bauer RX 5 Reel on 8 and 10 weight rods. The RX5 reel performed flawlessly in Cuba for Tarpon and the Bahamas for Bonefish. The size 5 may be the most versatile size for 8-10 saltwater fishing and a fantastic 6/7 switch rod match.



More info on the new Bauer RX Reels:

Customer question/comment

IÕm wanting to replace two pretty weak reels on my two saltwater rigs. OneÕs an 8wt VXP the other a 10wt Xi3. IÕm really wanting to go with on premium reel with two different spools. The primary purpose will be for bonefish, smaller tarpon, Permit and the occasional yellowtail & rooster fish among others. IÕve narrowed my search to the Hatch 7+ or 9+ and the Bauer RX 5 or 6. For trout I have an original Rouge and a Hatch so I know the quality of each. Unfortunately, I donÕt have anywhere I can look at the new RX Š IÕm hard pressed to believe they are not of the same excellent quality.

ItÕs also been very hard to find any information about the RX as Bauer isnÕt really a very active marketer. I saw your blog post and your brief favorable comments on using the RX5 and its abilities. I would appreciate hearing more. Any comments as to how they compare to the Hatch would also be helpful. Based on your blog comments, an RX6 would seem to work for the two intended line weights.

For the trout reels I have I think the Bauer drag is stronger and has more adjustability. How did you find the drag range Š will it meet the demands of a 8# bone and a 40# tarpon or 25# rooster? Is the drag truly maintenance free?

Of the two I mentioned would you have hesitation with either? Is there a strong advantage of one over the other?

Jon Bauer answer

The big difference between the RX and the Hatch is in weight and friction material. The RX is noticeably lighter than the Hatch (the Hatch did get lighter a few years ago when they changed the look), but the Hatch is heavy compared to the RX or a Nautilus NV. The carbon fiber friction material is the big performance difference. The carbon fiber material is an engineered friction material that is stable (hot or cold), produced to a military spec. Rulon which is used by Hatch is an engineered plastic bushing material and like all plastics is not stable. The stability of the carbon fiber is what makes it far superior to anything else. This is what makes a system smooth and consistent run after run (on the same tarpon). The RX is lighter than the Rogue also. Let me know if you want any tech specs. We're in the middle of building a new web site which will have all the new models.

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