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G. Loomis Asquith Spey Fly Rods


The G. Loomis Asquith Two Handed Fly Rod features new cutting edge Spiral X Technology. The G. Loomis Asquith Spey Rod is one of the lightest and most powerful fly rods on the market.

The G. Loomis Asquith Two Handed Fly Rod is one of the most technologically advanced spey rods in the world.

These days, spey rods are becoming lighter and more efficient than ever before. In 2016, we are seeing fly rod innovation shift toward creating two handed rods that are light and thin, yet powerful and have the ability to generate rapid line speeds while remaining accurate. The G. Loomis Asquith Spey Rod checks all of these boxes, and here’s how:

Spiral X Technology.

Spiral X Technology is a 3-layer process. It creates a rod blank by first using Shimano’s carbon fiber infinity tape core layer, then a straight, longitudinal layer of musclecarbon, and finished with a top layer of reverse-axis infinity taper outer layer. Have I lost you yet? For a visual demonstration of the three layers that comprise Shimano’s Spiral X Technology, check out the video below. This construction increases your casting efficiency and accuracy because it keeps the rod more rigid; therefore, there is minimal side-to-side motion or “twist” during your cast. In this way, it is similar to Sage’s Konnetic Technology. This reduced torsional blank twist keeps the rod tracking throughout the entire cast. Spiral X Technology also creates a blank with a thin wall, thus keeping it lightweight. These rods actually use 15% less material than traditional graphite rods. However, it is still incredibly strong and durable, with unprecedented hoop strength for its weight. This means it will not let you down when you are battling a large steelhead or salmon.


This is a fast action spey rod that can generate a lot of power, so it is great in situations where fast line speeds and long casts are a necessity. This also means that it excels in windy conditions as well. Due to its fast action and power generation, it can fish effectively with Skagit heads, sink tips and heavy flies during the winter or scandi heads and small traditional flies in the summer.


The Asquith spey rods come with aluminum non-corrosive reel seats and snake-brand double-plated chrome snake guides.

Line Recommendations:

 Skagit Compact  Skagit Switch Skagit Scout  Rage  Scandi  Long Belly 
 6129-4  N/A  390 gr.  390-410 gr.  360 gr.  360 gr.  6/7
 7130-4  540 gr.  510 gr.  480 gr.  450 gr.  450 gr.  7/8
 8136-4  600 gr.  N/A  N/A  510 gr.  510 gr.  9/10
 9140-4  660 gr.  N/A  N/A  570 gr.  540 gr.  10/11
 10150-4  720 gr.  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  11/12

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