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Winston Fly Rods

The Caddis Fly Shop offers the full portfolio of R.L. Winston Fly Rods. .

The R. L. Winston Fly Rod Co. has long been recognized as a premier fly rod designer and manufacturer. This was true in the cane rod age and is true today, in a time when Winston still crafts bamboo fly rods alongside with their signature boron and graphite fly rods.

R. L Winston Fly Rod Reviews, video, and sales.

Our Caddis Fly Shop staff fish Winston: this allows us to better advise our clients regarding their fly rod selection and helps us compare the potential performance and price of Winston in relation to other highly respected fly rods including SAGE, ECHO, BURKHEIMER, BEULAH, and SCOTT.

Why you should allow The Caddis Fly Shop to provide your next Winston Fly Rod.

First: we actually FISH Winston fly rods. Some of the largest sellers of high end fishing tackle have little real world experience, they just move the product.

Second: we can be your one source for all of your fly fishing and fly tying needs. From Yeti Coolers to Simms and Patagonia gear; from giant saltwater hooks to the smallest spring creek fly hooks, we can provide every imaginable product you might be considering for the unfolding season, but only if these products have passed our own quality standards.

Third: we offer unsurpassed Customer Service, and this is on top of no sales tax and what we believe are unrivaled, cost effective domestic and international shipping rates.

Boron III TH MS Two Hand Micro Spey Rods : Winston Boron Micropey rods deliver every measure of delight to anyone who fishes them. Spey line weights from 3 through 5 provide options to hunt trout with streamers and skaters in waters that hold resident, lakerun, and searun salmonids. Microspey rods have proved the doubters, earning a place in the hearts and hands of anglers who know these are not toys: these are seriously light two hand spey rods that offer performance and entertainment to anglers around the world.

Boron III X Super 10 Fly Rods : Winston Boron 3 X Super 10 fly rods are highly specialized nymph fishing rod that have earned a home with dedicated followers of high stick, European, Czech, and similar styles of nymphing that is performed without the use of strike indicators. These rods are light and nimble, a pleasure to fish. As good as these long rods are at nymphing, they also double up as great rods to fish dries and swing wets too. The main point Winston had in mind was to create a really exceptional ten foot rod that would excel as an indicatorless nymph rod; the great performance in other fly fishing styles is a bonus.