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Winston Micro Spey Two-handed Rod


Winston’s Boron III TH-MS Microspey, the strength of a spey rod with the suppleness of a trout rod!

Winston’s Boron III TH-MS Microspey available at the Caddis Fly Shop! Lightweight and powerful two-handed rods for swinging or dead drifting flies for trout on large open water!

Spey casting is fun. Getting that perfect cast is like hitting a homerun or the perfect golf shot. So why confine yourself to spey casting just to steelhead and salmon? With Winston’s new Boron III TH-MS Microspey spey casting to trout in big, open water is now a viable option!

Winston touts it’s newest line of fast action switch rods as balancing “castability with fishability.” Sure you could take your 7 weight 13 foot Redington Dually out to your local trout river, tie on a soft hackle and hook into fish. But landing fish with a steelhead outfit like that would be like trying to nail a nail with a wrecking ball. Not very fun.

The Boron III TH-MS Microspey has spey rod power mixed with trout rod finesse. They’re light, (lighter than Winston’s Boron III TH rods), so casting one-handed and dead drifting nymphs is no problem. They’re also powerful, so throwing large streamers clear across big expanses of river to reach those hard-to-reach seams is a breeze. Use the Boron III TH-MS Microspey for streamers, wet flies, and nymphs. It’s especially good for nymphing because the extra length of the switch rod construction means you can reach farther across currents to control your fly and line.


- Classic Winston green finish

- 11’’ top grip feels like a trout rod grip instead of a spey grip

- Anodized aluminum reel seat

- 3 ˝’’ bottom cork handle for easy grip when spey casting

- Larger chrome guides and tip top to accommodate larger spey lines


3 weight 10’ ˝’’. Fast action. Recommended grain weight: 270 skagit.

4 weight 11’. Fast action. Recommended grain weight: 330 skagit.

5 weight 11’ 1/2’’. Fast action. Recommended grain weight: 390 skagit.

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