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Echo Full Spey Two Handed Rod


Echo Full Spey Rods feature a universally functional 13 ft length with matching power in 6 wt, 7 wt, and 8 wt models that will fish you comfortably all day long with skagit and scandi lines - Free Airflo Spey head included in the price of this super friendly two-hand fly rod.

Echo Full Spey fly rods fish Skagit and Scandi fly lines with the proper action and power.

Our recommendations for this rod are:

All of these rods will handle big rivers anywhere in the world. 6 wt - Summer steelhead anywhere. 7 wt - Summer and winter steelhead worldwide, plus smallish chums and red salmon. 8 wt - Winter steelhead on big rivers and modest salmon in smaller rivers and estuaries. This is not generally a king salmon spey rod!

Line Match for Echo Full Spey Rods:

6wt-450 Skagit & 420 Scandi

7wt-510 Skagit & 480 Scandi

8wt-570 Skagit & 540 Scandi

Four-piece standard across the industry

* ECHO foundation: Lightweight high-modulus graphite shaft

* The Rod Action: Med Fast

* Very nice Rod Tube: Fabric-covered rod case & sock

* Rod Guides: SIC stripping guides and hard chrome snake guides

* Durable Reel Seat: Anodized aluminum

These Spey rods will feel right for the angler who fishes a long day under diverse conditions because of they feel very light in the hand and are exceptionally well balanced.

The new ECHO Full Spey rods are designed to allow a person to deliver a short or long Scandi cast off the rod tip and then turn around to fire off a long cast with a powerful Skagit Head. The standard length, 13 ft - 0 inches, matches the design of most modern fly lines and is a super versatile length for covering the near and far out runs typical of lager rivers where a switch rod might not be quite up to the challenge.

Echo Full Spey fly rods include a lifetime warranty from Echo.

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