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For nearly 50 years we have been supplying fly tiers with high quality supplies to create fish catching flies. It all starts with fly tying thread. Make sure you have a good stock of the right thread for the job in 2024!

Echo E.P.R. Fly Rod


ECHO E. P. R. fly rods (Extreme Performance Rods) offer honest performance in a fast action fly rod that is perfectly suited for the biggest fish in the most precarious and challenging fishing conditions.

ECHO 4 piece E. P. R. fly rods:

offer the most powerful delivery of big flies and fish management under the toughest casting and fish fighting conditions.

E. P. R. fly rods team a super fast rod tip that will load at any range with a super powerful butt section with superior lifting strength: this combination of features creates the magnum fast rod for the toughest casting conditions, nastiest flies, and strongest fish you might want to tangle with.

Four line weights from 8 wt to 12 wt cover the bases from fresh to saltwater.

8 and 9 wt E. P. R. fly rods: These two rods are on the threshold of the big fish sticks that fly anglers fish around the world. From flats permit, giant redfish, baby tarpon, king salmon, and stripers, each of these is a great fly rod.

10 and 12 wt E. P. R. fly rods: Modest to big tarpon, GT, giant kings, and tuna are square in the sights of these two rods.

Fighting Butts on the E. P. R. fly rods are appropriately sized to the rods.

We recommend modern fly lines with aggressive tapers for optimum performance at all casting ranges when fishing with these E. P. R. fly rods to suit their crazy fast action. You will be able to overline these rods and assertively push big flies into the wind like a champ.

Blank: glossy black; stunning.

Thread color and accent colors: these seem translucent with gold thread edge.

Guides: Easy flow guides are stainless and bullet resistant.

Reel seat: anodized aluminum does not require maintenance because it is saltwater safe.

Final thought: the fish may be tough, the EPR is tougher when in your hands.

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