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CF Burkheimer 6128-4 Classic Spey Rod


This Burkheimer 6128 4 pc Classic spey rod is a true 6 wt Spey rod that will please under a wide range of conditions.

This is a powerful, light and responsive rod to fish for summer and winter steelhead.

Line recommendation:

Scandi - 420

Skagit - 450

The Caddis Fly Angling Shop invites you to allow us to provide your next Burkie and stands ready to supply your fly fishing needs from reels, lines, waders, flies, and all things related to the art of fly fishing.

C. F. Burkheimer 6128-4 4 pc Specifications

Taper: Traditional Burkheimer Deep Loading Spey Action | Sections: This is a four piece rod. | Rod Length: 12 ft. 8 inches.| Line Grain window: 360 gr to 500 gr covers the bases pretty well. | Line window: 5 through 7 |

We appreciate your considering the Caddis Fly Angling shop and giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer service by ordering your Burkie from us.

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