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Sage Single Spey Rod and Reel Carrier


SAGE Single SPEY Ballistic Nylon Rod/Reel Case - Prompt Delivery FREE shipping from the Caddis Fly Shop

What to carry a fly rod with reel attached? If you do, this is the SAGE high quality travel case for your next trip.

Caddis Fly Reviews of the SAGE Single SPEY Ballistic Nylon Rod/Reel Case.

Protection of a single SPEY rod with fly reel attached is the purpose these cases were designed for.

Many fly anglers prefer to carry their SPEY fly rods with reels attached. This singles PEY rod/reel case is a great option to consider and will get the job done in efficient functionality.

Key features of the SAGE Single SPEY Ballistic Nylon Rod/Reel Case components and finish.

Spey rod/reel cases are specifically designed to accommodate the long handle and larger reels used on two hand rods.

*Black Ballistic Nylon

*Shape: round

*Diameters offered: 3.0 inch inside diameter

*Lengths offered: 40 inch, 44 inch, and 48 inch

*Capacities: 40 in case holds up to 12 ft 4 pc rods; 44 inch tube holds up to 13.5 ft 4 pc rods; 48 in tube holds up to 15 ft 4 pc rods

*Zipper closure

*Nylon interior dividers

*Identification Ease: One end cap is perfect for your name and contact info.

*Endcaps are reinforced

*Shoulder Straps

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