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Abel VAYA Reels


Abel Vaya Fly Reels have a unique partially ported design with and outstanding drag and super light overall weight.

The partially ported frame on the VAYA reel offers a unique combination of minimized weight, incredible rigidity and strength. The frame interior also features varying sets of CNC-milled fly patterns, relevant to each size of reel.

The VAYA Reel has a large arbor spool that features a precision balanced dual pawl drag engagement design that eliminates the need for a counter balance on the reel spool.

The VAYA spool has a mechanical incoming click to compliment the audible smooth fell of the outgoing drag. The multi-disk carbon fiber and steel disk drag system produces plenty of resistance and range of drag for all tippet sizes. The Abel VAYA series of reels is awesome for all things freshwater and in the 7/8 is a wonderful light saltwater reel.

VAYA 4/5 REELS - 5.15 ounces, spool diameter 3.36", arbor diameter 2.01", spool width .976", capacity 4wt floating line 100yards of 20lbs backing, 5wt floating line and 85yards of 20lbs backing.

VAYA 5/6 REELS - 5.45 ounces, spool diameter 3.62", arbor diameter 2.27", spool width .976", capacity 5wt floating line 100yards of 20lbs backing, 6wt floating line and 80yards of 20lbs backing.

VAYA 7/8 REELS - 5.60 ounces, spool diameter 3.88", arbor diameter 2.42", spool width .976", capacity 7wt floating line 150yards of 20lbs backing, 8wt floating line and 125yards of 20lbs backing.

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