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Rio Powerflex Trout Tapered Leaders


Rio Powerflex Trout Tapered Leaders

The Rio Powerflex Trout Tapered Leaders are crafted with firmer butt tapers to deliver excellent leader loops and fly turnover without sacrificing the ability to make a limber delicate layout of small dry flies. Anglers fishing small dry flies, wet flies, or soft hackles in glassy waters or lakes may find this a most favorable leader because it will not create as much wind or current drag as stiffer tapered leaders do.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Powerflex Trout Tapered Leaders Rio's solution to trout and all freshwater fly anglers fishing all-waters with all-flies.

Unique features: This is the fly fishing generalist's tapered leader. Assertive taper turns over large dry flies and indicator rigs.

Material: Copolymer monofilament is a technically superior material.

Tippet characteristics: Supple and strong for each tippet diameter.

Lengths available: Rio Powerflex Tapered Trout leaders are available in 7.5, 9.0, 12, and 15 ft lengths.

Knot Strength: Excellent, this is tough material.

Tippet Diameters: Available in in 7x to 0X depending on length. 12 and 15ft leaders available in 3x-7x only.

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