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Tube and Trailer Fly Hooks

Tube and Trailer Fly Hooks For Tying Flies: Our Best Favorite Product Picks

Tube flies are now gaining popularity in the United States, and especially in thePacific Northwest, as they have for decades all over the world. I

In the Pacific Northwest we love tube fliess especially for Salmon and Steelhead but do not overlook them for any fish that swims.

Pro Tube, HMH, Eumer are all tube makers that the hooks in this section work with.

Hooks for Tube flies must conform to standards not necessarily applicable to traditional fly styles. Specifically, Tube fly hooks are typically straight or up-tured eye hooks. and many are relatively short shank fly hooks.

We invite you to browse this section as well as our other hook sections to find the tube fly hook perfect for your flies and preferences. If you do not see what you want, please contact us and let us see what we can do to provide your unique tube fly tying and fishing needs.

Tube Fly Hooks For Tying Tube Flies: Our Best Favorite Product Picks