Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods Now in Stock with Free Line. (details)
Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods rods are one of the best values in high performance salt specific rods. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

T&T Sextant Rods


Thomas and Thomas Sextant Saltwater Fly Rods delivery power and accuracy for anglers when facing the challenges of saltwater fly fishing.

Sextant rods are constructed with a unique reinforcement strategy that enhances strength and recovery properties of high-performance unidirectional fibers. This improves the coefficient of energy of the completed rod sections, resulting in rods that load quickly and generate wind-cutting line speed and casting distance with less effort.

These combined challenges of accuracy, delicacy and power are met with the new Sextant saltwater series from T&T. The Sextant rod family was born from extensive R&D, representing an evolution in composition and construction from any fly rod previously available. The entire Sextant rod family shares a smooth loading, quick recovery action that allows for precise accuracy at short distance without sacrificing the power and backbone necessary for punching flies longer distances through the wind.

Sextant Rods have extra dense "Flor-grade cork grips, with 1.25" composite reinforcement at the top and end on 9-12wt models.

Matte Titanium finish uplocking anodized reel seat with T&Tís trademark roll-stamped logo and Delrin washers between the locking nuts

Natural finish nickel-titanium RECoil snake guides

Super light titanium frame stripping guides fitted with premium Silicon Nitride inserts. Rods 6-10wt feature two stripping guides. Rods 11-12wt feature three stripping guides

Stealthy semi-gloss blue finish with dark blue primary wraps and seafoam green accent wraps

Optimized guide spacing strategy, with lower stripping guide placement for increased lifting power

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