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Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips


Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips Sets keep your dubbing loop materials under control while you are tying and help you position your materials with ease.

Whether you are using synthetics or natural fibers placing materials in split thread dubbing loops or standard-dubbing loops can be challenging. The lightweight simple and well designed ( Italian Designed ) Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips will grip hair, CDC, long fiber dubbing and much more while you manage the dubbing loop. Then when you want to place the fibers in the loop the clips are comfortable in the hand and easily release the materials helping complete your dubbing loop contents. Two sizes of clips each set of small or large comes with 2 clips so you always have one on your bench side.

The small size measures 28mm across the top and the large size of Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips measures 49mm across.

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