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Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing


Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing is widely considered to be the most versatile fish catching blend of materials on planet earth.

Arizona Simi Seal is a course blend of medium length fibers vital to the creation of such famed patterns as: Bead Head Simi Seal Leech, Two Tone Simi Seal Leech, Rubber Leg Bead Belly Simi Seal Leech, Simi Seal Bass Leech, and many more. One of the coolest attributes to Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing is the fact that you can tease or comb out fibers for medium sized streamers of all types. Brush it pick it pull it and you will add life to your flies.

The latest news about John Rohmer's Arizona Simi Seal is that he has sold Arizona Simi Seal to Montana Fly Company. Rohmer trained MFC on the dubbing mixes, color array and dying process.

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