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Simms Fly Fishing and Casual Clothing

The Caddis Fly Shop offers a broad range of Simms casual clothing including shirts, pants, hoodies, and the like - most shipped free, promptly, with no sales tax.

Simms not only makes great waders and wading boots, fly fishing tackle and gear bags, and wading accessories.

Simms produces great technical clothing, the appropriate sportswear to dress you on and off the water from the tropics to Alaska or Patagonia or New Zealand.

Wherever you fish or travel, Simms has clothing and sportswear that will fit and perform as you wish. In addition, we have a great assortment of Simms wading jackets listed in our online catalog. Remember our free shipping policy on Simms and Redington waders and boots.

Simms may not be equivalent to Howler Brothers insofar as the skater-surfer style - but in terms of an outdoors performance, fit, and style, Simms receives very high marks.

Why purchase your Simms sportswear and casual clothing from the Caddis Fly Shop?

Aside from the economc benefits of making your Simms purchase here, you should know that we wear Simms gear on and off the water, from the tropics to Alaska and South America. Some of our staff are laughingly referred to as Simms billboards, because they are wearing Simms clothing from flats boots, pants, shirts, layering, outerwear, and hats. For many of us, Simms clothing fits when we are fishing, at the football tail-gater, and in the coffee shop.

Function and style: Regardless of the piece, Simms makes great gear.

Simms produces high quality clothing: The Simms name and guarantee says it all.

Availability of Simms clothing and sportswear Our selection is decent, and we may be able to special order Simms clothing that might not be listed on our Internet Catalog. Give us a call or email and we will let you know if we can provide the Simms gear on your shopping list.

Most of our staff Guides give Simms clothing high marks for looks, durability, fit, and style - on and off the water.